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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Judge A Book By Its Cover Winners

Contemporary Series
1st - Seductive Reasoning by Cher Gorman
2nd - Baptism in Fire by Elizabeth Sinclair
3rd - Sheriff in her Stocking by Cher Gorman
4th - Studs for Hire:  Woman on Top by Sherry James
5th - Dressed to Keel by Candy Calvert
1st - The Southern Devil by Diane Whiteside
2nd - Highland Mist by Donna Grant
3rd - Scandal of the Black Rose by Debra Mullins
4th - The Sea King by Jolie Mathis
5th - Ask For It by Sylvia Day
Single Title/Mainstream
1st - The Cowboy by P. J. Mellor
2nd - The Switch by Diane Whiteside
3rd - Pleasure Beach by P. J. Mellor
4th - Spying In High Heels by Gemma Halliday
5th - A Handyman's Best Tool by Alexis Fleming
Romantic Suspense
1st - Taken by Barbara Freethy
2nd - Shadow Lines by Carol Stephenson
3rd - Played by Barbara Freethy
4th - The Deadliest Denial by Colleen Thompson
5th - Lust's Betrayal by Debby Conrad
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Paranormal
1st - Captive Dreams by Diane Whiteside
2nd - Phantom Warriors: Bacchus by Jordan Summers
3rd - Seduced by the Night by Robin Popp
4th - Eternal Nights by Patti O'Shea
5th - Hell Kat by Vivi Anna


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